Olga Levina


Olga S. Levina, PhD, graduated St.Petersburg State University (Russia), faculties of psychology and management. In 1996 – 2008 was working as an organizational consultant for small and medium businesses, contributed to in-country and international programs aimed at socio-economic development in post-soviet Russia. In 1998 – 2015 as a social psychologist, a Co-founder and Development Director of the NGO Stellit she was part of a wide range of health research and prevention initiatives, working in collaboration with stakeholders and scientists from Russian regions, European countries and the U.S. Many of those projects were focused on injection drug users and their sex partners; imprisoned women; socially excluded, abused and neglected children; female sex workers and their sex partners; STI clinic patients; and law enforcement, health, and other professionals and structures across Russia and other post-soviet countries. Olga Levina has experience in development and evaluation of regional and institutional level projects and programs, contributed to over 70 scientific publications in Russia and internationally. In 2013-2014 she received post doctorate training at Yale School of Public Health. In 2015 immigrated to the U.S. and working as an independent consultant/evaluator and a social scientist.