Noelle Sullivan


Dr. Noelle Sullivan is a medical and sociocultural anthropologist who has done ethnographic (fieldwork-based) research since 2005 on the history and present of Tanzania’s health care sector. She is one of few scholars with expertise on how Tanzania’s health sector has changed through time in the postcolonial period, and what these changes have meant for the health care workers, patients, and families in Tanzania who provide or rely on this care. Sullivan has expertise on the sector’s capacities for certain kinds of care (reproductive and child health, mental health, preventive services, surgical capacity, HIV/AIDS, pediatric care, cancer care, cardiology, etc.) and how this capacity affects quality of health care delivery for prospective patients. She can also provide information on gender-related issues in Tanzania, including traditional gender roles, some ethnic groups’ specific practices related to gender (including marriage practices, female genital cutting, relationships between families of married couples, polygamy, child rearing, etc.)