Mark Bonta


Dr. Bonta is a Latin Americanist geographer and an expert on Honduras, where he have lived and worked off and on since 1991. His PhD is from Louisiana State University (2001), Master’s from University of Texas, and B.A. from Penn State. He has taught in several universities in the US and China, and is currently an independent consultant. he is an author on over 50 professional publications and have given around 100 presentations, many related to Honduras. His main contributions to the academic literature include the historical and spatial dimensions of land- and identity-based conflicts in Honduras, relationships between people and the environment (particularly ethno-ornithology and ethnobotany), and the development of theory for applying the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari to research in the social sciences. In addition to publishing, He consults with community groups in Honduras and Mexico on a range of topics related to environmental and social struggles. Dr. Bonta has served as a country of origin expert for Honduras since 2001. All of the cases he has worked on involved Hondurans in the US seeking asylum, withholding of removal, or relief under the Convention Against Torture.