Mariangela Mihai

Burma | India | Myanmar | Romania | United States

Dr. Mariangela Mihai is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and WGSS at Western Washington University. She holds a PhD in anthropology and film from Cornell University and has served as a Postdoctoral and a Gender+ Initiative Fellow at Georgetown. With fieldwork experience spanning over a period of 12 years, Dr. Mihai looks at Indigenous resistance, borderland disputes, parastatal violence, as well as migration, refugee, and LGBTQIA+ issues on the India-Bangladesh-Myanmar-China borderlands, “the Balkans,” and the U.S. As a co-founder of Ethnocine, an Impact Filmmaking collective, she engages in collaborative films and grassroots human rights campaigns across transnational borders, addressing refugee, environmental, labor, LGBTQIA+, and healthcare issues. Dr. Mihai’s NGO collaborations include the International Rescue Committee, United Way, and the Romanian Association Against AIDS.

Select projects include:

  • “Utilizing Storytelling to Impact Faculty Attitudes & Beliefs about Gender-Diverse People,” —Interdisciplinary educational project piloted at Georgetown, published in the Journal for Nurse Practitioners (2023).
  • I Am A Whisper, My Dear, —Ethnographic documentary on LGBTQIA+ activism in the Southeast Asian borderlands.
  • This is not America, Ma’am—Multimedia research project exploring communist-era and contemporary Eastern-European state violence, embodiment, and heritage.
  • Nobel Nok Dah—Ethnographic film and higher education curricula offering insight into the lives of Karen refugees from Myanmar (Burma) resettled in central New York.
  • TNT Gospel Camp —Ethnographic film providing an in-depth look at one of an extra-judicial gospel camp in Northeast India, housing 2,000 drug and alcohol users, orphans, and persons with disabilities.