Maggie Zraly

Afghanistan | Iraq | Rwanda | Turkey | United States

Dr. Maggie Zraly is a medical and psychological anthropologist with extensive training in public health. Her research and practice have focused on conflict-affected populations, including survivors of conflict-related sexual violence/genocide-rape, youth heads of household, and children associated with armed forces and armed groups. Dr. Zraly conducted four years of in-depth fieldwork on the ground in Rwanda between 2003 and 2012. In 2016, she conducted short-term research in Afghanistan on human trafficking, and in 2017, she directed a center for mental health in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. She has completed short deployments for child protection and mental health support in emergency response, the longest of which was for 3 weeks in 2016 across Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia to assess the protection situation of forcibly displaced Syrian, Afghan, and Iraqi children seeking asylum.