Lwanga Musisi

Canada | Uganda

Lwanga Gasuza Musisi is a dedicated project manager currently spearheading initiatives at Africans in Partnership Against AIDS in Toronto, Canada. Combining his passion for social justice with both non-profit and academic endeavors, Lwanga envisions transformative change at both macro and micro levels. Recently defending his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, OISE, in the Social Justice department, Lwanga delved into the exploration of “Normalcy” within the Ugandan Education system, particularly focusing on its impact on children with autism. His academic journey also includes a Master’s degree from the same department in 2017 and a Bachelors Specialist degree in Anthropology, where he was a Dean’s List Scholar and graduated with High Distinction at the same university. Dr. Lwanga Musisi specializes in indigenous communities, persons with disabilities, immigrants and migrant workers, and youth and children.

Beyond academia, Lwanga’s leadership prowess was showcased during his four term tenure as the President of the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU), where he ardently advocated for the diverse needs of the graduate student community. In this role, he collaborated with faculty and administration, shaping impactful policies and initiatives. His contributions extended to chairing the finance committee, overseeing the financial affairs of the union. Outside the professional sphere, Lwanga finds solace in listening to music and indulging in outdoor activities, including his love for cooking. His multifaceted experiences reflect a commitment to creating positive change, both within academic realms and the broader community.