Patrick Christian

Afghanistan | Burkina Faso | Chad | Colombia | Djibouti | Ecuador | El Salvador | Ethiopia | Ghana | Guatemala | Honduras | Iran | Iraq | Kenya | Kuwait | Libya | Mali | Mauritania | Morocco | Niger | Nigeria | Panama | Peru | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | South Sudan | Sudan | Syria | Uganda | Western Sahara | Yemen

Dr. Patrick Christian is a psychoanalytical anthropologist of violent ethnic & cultural conflict in Eurasia, South Asia, Middle East, Central and South America, West Africa, North Africa and the Horn of Africa. His interests involve research, development & instruction of advanced psychosocial curriculum for military, diplomatic, and humanitarian interventions in intra-state violent conflict. His principal Field Experiences over past 30 years include:

  • Clinical Research, Analysis, & Training into the psychopathology of violent communal conflict, virulent-extremist ideologies and their Psychosocial Transmission & Epidemiology – especially Violent Orthodoxy and Genocide/Cultural-Suicide
  • Conflict Psychoanalysis (includes cognitive imprinting from psychogeography, geology, and climatology)
  • Sociological Ethnography (includes psycho-sociology of economics, political power, ethnic coherence/defection, and historical narrative memorialization)
  • Cultural research into Indigenous Systems of Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Clinical Research & Development products include Psycho-biographies of key conflict leaders and Psycho-historiographies of conflict communities
  • Psychosocial Profiling of Suicide Attackers: psychological and emotional devolution pathways followed by development & fielding of disruption techniques