Amna Imam

Afghanistan | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Ethiopia | Kyrgyzstan | Nigeria | Pakistan | Turkey | Uganda | United States

Dr. Imam brings more than two decades of experience in mixed methods international
social science practice, research, and teaching around the world, focusing on East and
West Africa, South Asia, USA, and Central Asia. Her interests involve research,
development, and instruction on advanced issues of human rights, international
conventions on human, civil, and political rights, and against torture; police service,
judicial and quasi-judicial institutions, and persecution; grievance redressal
arrangements; gender analysis, gender equality, gender-based violence, forced
marriages, and sexual abuse; child abuse, child marriages, and violence against
children; climate-related issues; and more. She has written books and scholarly articles
about public administration, employing quantitative data and qualitative streams of
historical changes in socioeconomic, judicial, political, and administrative institutions.
Her work employs innovative research methodologies, focusing on getting to the crux of
socio-cultural and institutional situations to deliver efficient solutions that take into
account complex dynamics involving human rights, child rights, gender equality,
sustainability, and other such standards, in diverse socio-political contexts.